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When a choreography is conceived without visible forms, but with an invisible form of tension. What is in between high tension, low tension and constant tension?

Out of what should be made this intermediate tension-field? Out of which material is tension made? Isn’t it possible that different existences are made out of the same stuff? Like existences besides the human? Like a vibration impossible to be recognised? In this work was not arbitrary fantasy the action plan, but practic Utopy. This practic Utopy helped us to the acceptance of the fact that mathematic systems and scientific theories are not a immediate reality, but a useful instrument to reach specific purposes.

Exposed to the unforeseen, acts are not a product of a thorough reflection nor a cause of a clarifying order. The unexpected tours around the sequence of tensions, takes advantage of the intermediate moments, bursts in in the middle of the died times, one action weighed, revolutionizes all the indications of continuity.


     InThisSection – juschkaWeigel


     Juschka Weigel + Miguel Muñoz


     Juschka Weigel


     Benjamin Britten: serenade for tenor and horn


     20 min


     23.06.2006 EN PÉ DE PEDRA 2006 – Festival
     Internacional de Danza para Paseantes,
     Santiago de Compostela (Spanien)